Wednesday, April 18, 2007

New Adventure!

Well, because life just wasn't interesting enough, we decided to take on a new business adventure. We are going into the cake business, wedding cakes to be more specific. I love to bake, and so I started taking classes last week to learn how to decorate my cakes. I had my first try at a cake last weekend, and it was an adventure. The weather was muggy, my icing was runny, but I think that the end product was pretty cute! I have learned that I do not write on cakes well, so I am best sticking to the wedding cakes. I need practice, so if anyone needs a cake (without writing on it) let me know and I can cut you a pretty good deal.

Brandon came up with the name "deelicious cakes" and it has stuck. We bought, so we will be getting that website designed and up soon. Wish us luck... and patience! I will post my progress. Your prayers are appreciated, especially for Brandon as he puts up with "stressed out" dee!

Here is my first "professional" cake!!!! (please ignore the mess in the background)

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