Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Prayer Request

My Grandma (my dad's mother), is in the hospital in Temple, Texas. She was admitted due to severe abdominal pain this weekend. They found that she had an obstruction that they were able to partially clear out today. They also found that she has a mass that appears to be cancerous. Prayers are already being answered, though, because it appears that the mass is not connected to any organ, which means that it most likely has not had the chance to spread. My grandma is such an amazing woman of faith, her trust in the Lord is so encouraging to see. We are praying that Grandma's wounds heal rapidly, that the doctors are able to remove all the tumor, and that there is no cancer anywhere else in her body. I am praying that the tumor is biopsied and there is no cancer. My God can do that!!! Thank you all for lifting my family up in prayer today and throughout this next week. I know of the power and comfort that comes from a body of believers praying for you!

Thanks again for all your prayers. My dad has had a long year, and I know that this is concerning him. May God bless each of your lives this week!

Friday, August 1, 2008

Movin' on Up!!!

It's official... Brandon handed in his resignation today. We are moving back to Dallas! We have been toying with the idea to move back for several months, but knew that we needed to find jobs to be able to move and thought that it would take several months to do that. Well, we did it in a little under two weeks! Fooled us big time!

I have a job working for my dad at his company. I am pumped about it. I will help him find candidates for positions he needs to fill (he is an executive recruiter). I will make a salary, plus bonuses, and the best part is benefits! Yeah health insurance! I have enjoyed being a stay at home babysitter, but I have missed being out and about. Even if I wanted to here, there was really no where to go within 40 miles or so. I was beginning to feel the walls closing in, even with my precious husband taking me out to eat or to walk around Walmart almost every night. We have been spending buckets of money on gas driving all over just for a little change of scenery! But no more, Super Target here I come!

Brandon got a job as an engineer at a networking company in Dallas, a big step up. He is so very talented, and now he will get the opportunity to use his talents and grow. He also will only be working Monday through Friday 8 to 5, with on call at a minimum. I cannot tell you the last night that Brandon did not get a call here during dinner or even later. He will also have benefits, so we can now go to the doctor if we get sick. Yeah!!!

We are so very sad about leaving our precious friends and their daughter whom I love dearly. Little Josie has brightened even the darkest of days here in this small town, and I loved every minute with her. We are trying to convince them to get a webcam so we can talk to her and see her long distance.

This last year has been the hardest year I have ever had. I cannot believe all that Brandon and I have been through. We have lost a parent and moved across Texas where we were hours away from our family and friends back home. We know that God moved us out here for a reason, and I can even see why He did, but we are so very blessed to be moving back "home." God swung wide open the doors for a move back, and we are thanking Him every minute.

We will be moving to Dallas the weekend of the 15th. At this point we do not have an apartment/house yet, so we may be staying with Brandon's mom for a few weeks to get us situated. We covet your prayers for safety as we move across Texas, and for our new jobs and experiences. God is so VERY VERY good to us!!!!