Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Update on Momma

Well, Momma will have her biopsy tomorrow (Thursday) morning. She will have a large section of lung removed to be studied. Well, I think that it is large, they told her it will be about the size of her thumb. She will have to remain in the ICU for at least 24 hours to watch her chest tube and monitor her breathing.

Please pray for her safety and for the surgeon's skill tomorrow. Unfortunately, the doctor's have very little clue what is going on with her. They have told her it looks like she was exposed to toxins for several years. That scares me because it could mean that the damage is long term. We all need a little comfort, especially my momma who is terrified of the surgery. I will post when I know more after her surgery tomorrow.

Brandon and I will be leaving to go see her Friday, even though she keeps telling me that we do not need to. This weekend is ACU's homecoming and we were planning on going to that, but I do not think that I would enjoy the festivities knowing that my mom is lying in a hospital bed.

Thanks for your prayers, as my anxiety level fluctuates, I am reminded that my friends are out there praying for her.

Now I just wish that we could have Hugh Laurie from House come and look at her! He would be able to figure out what is wrong!

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