Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Wednesday's update

Well, you keep hoping for good news, but I have none to give everyone. I am so exhausted and discouraged but I really need encouragement so I thought I would post and y'all can forgive me if my spelling or grammar is bad. Since I last posted so much has happened that it is hard to know where to start. On Monday they found what they call "free air" or air in her abdomen where it should not be, and completely unrelated to her lung issues. They gave us several options, and ran some tests and last night we found out that the leak was in her bowels. Her doctor felt that he needed to operate because the risk of infection was so high, even though that was the last thing her lungs needed, and so she had to go into surgery today. As he put, he felt "painted into a corner." It was the classic catch 22, the steroids she has to take for her lungs slow her body from healing and make infection symptoms harder to recognize. They performed the surgery and unfortunately the perforation was in her colon, the worse place it could be. They removed a large portion of her colon, and were forced to give her a colostomy bag. She did ok during the surgery, but because of her lungs she was unable to come directly off of the ventilator, so she is in ICU on the ventilator heavily sedated. This is not at all related to her lungs, but the steroids they have to give her to keep them working will prevent her from healing from her surgery quickly. There is a great risk of infection when you operate on the bowels, and they are watching her closely to see if anything develops. She will be in the ventilator for days, and has no idea that she could have a colostomy, so when she wakes up she will have a lot to take in. We are all in shock, we thought she might be coming home soon.

Please pray for healing for my mom. Please pray for her to have no infections. We need her too bad to loose her to this. Thanks for all of your thoughts. Keep them coming. You help me more than you could ever know.

I am trying to be strong... but it is hard. Love you guys and thanks for everything.


FeedingYourMind said...

May blessings come for you and your family. Sometimes they come in some of the most unexpected ways and times. I hope you can get a chance to rest and find reason to smile. Much love!

Shannon said...

Dee Dee,

I'm just catching up on your blog. I'm so sorry about everything that has been happening with your mom. I am praying for you, your whole family and the medical staff taking care of your mom. Update when you can.

*Missed you at Homecoming!!

jules said...


i heard the news through kim smith, and i'm just so, so sorry. you and your family are in my prayers. just know that there are so many people lifting you up right now.

no words can make this better, but we all love you so much!

julie goen