Wednesday, May 7, 2008

We may be adopting....

A PUPPY tonight! I am so very excited. We were expectant puppy parents last December (we were the in-laws, Charlie and his sweet girlfriend Chula were better friends than we knew) and it ended terribly. All puppies and the sweet momma were lost, and we think that it was because of the pet food she ate. It tore up Brandon's sister, Chula's mommy, and all of us too. Charlie looked for his girlfriend for a long time, and still responds if you say her name. Since then we have gotten close to adopting a few times, we really have wanted a friend for Charlie, but it has always fallen through. That's why I am not getting too excited (yeah right as I blog about it) until the little one is home with us. Brandon's coworker has a 7 week old female chihuahua (Chula was a chihuahua) that they are looking for a home for. Brandon and I will go and pick her up tonight. I will of course put on pictures if it really happens. I know that it is silly, but we have been wanting a puppy for so long, that it is really neat that it may be finally happening.

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