Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Prayer Request

My Grandma (my dad's mother), is in the hospital in Temple, Texas. She was admitted due to severe abdominal pain this weekend. They found that she had an obstruction that they were able to partially clear out today. They also found that she has a mass that appears to be cancerous. Prayers are already being answered, though, because it appears that the mass is not connected to any organ, which means that it most likely has not had the chance to spread. My grandma is such an amazing woman of faith, her trust in the Lord is so encouraging to see. We are praying that Grandma's wounds heal rapidly, that the doctors are able to remove all the tumor, and that there is no cancer anywhere else in her body. I am praying that the tumor is biopsied and there is no cancer. My God can do that!!! Thank you all for lifting my family up in prayer today and throughout this next week. I know of the power and comfort that comes from a body of believers praying for you!

Thanks again for all your prayers. My dad has had a long year, and I know that this is concerning him. May God bless each of your lives this week!


DavitaJo said...


I'm praying!


Estee said...

So sorry to hear the news. I am saying a prayer right now.

Megan said...

DeeDee, This same kind of thing happened with my Gma, and the docs were able to remove the tumor in her stomach. I have faith that she'll be ok!

I'm glad you guys are moving back to Big D!