Thursday, November 6, 2008

RULES:*Link to the person that tagged you and post the rules on your blog
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I was tagged by Brooke.

1. I have started collecting lamb things (not the breathing kind) and snowmen. They remind me of my mother for multiple reasons.

2. I went to three different high schools. It was a trip. I spent my freshman year at Dallas Christian, I spent my sophomore year at Garland High School, and my junior and senior years at Rowlett High School. No, I was not kicked out of any of them. It just happened that way, and I enjoyed each one. I kind of forget about my year at Garland High School though, I made a few friends there that I wish I would have kept up better with.

3. I have a tattoo. Lots of people wouldn’t believe that about me. I really like it. It is hidden most of the time. It is an icthus (Christian fish). I figure that if a tattoo is a sin, at least I went with good intentions.

4. My husband and I have lived in 5 houses in the two and a half years we have been married. We are currently temporarily living with my dad and all of my stuff is in a barn. It is a very nice barn, but it is a barn.

5. I have visited about 90% of the continental United States, mostly by car. I love
traveling. Especially in a car. I know, it is sick, but I love a car trip. I really good long one! With my cute hubby. He is the best driver ever.

6. I am adopted. I was placed with my parents at birth through a private adoption placement. I have had email correspondence with my birthmother. I imagine that one day I will meet her. I love to talk about adoption. Watch out, it can be a hot button topic for me though!

7. I later worked for the same agency that I was placed through. I enjoyed my job and I learned so much about everyone involved in an adoption. Especially birthmothers. I have such a respect for the decision that they are making.

I don’t necessarily have 7 people to tag, but I will tag Davita, Melody, Brandon (who I kept wanting to use things about him for mine, so I know that he has plenty of interesting things), Lauren, and Kylie. Y'all don't have too, but I had fun!