Monday, July 20, 2009

Ok, so it has been forever, and I am terribly behind! Brandon and I have had so much going on, I hardly know where to begin to get caught up! We just moved into a cute little townhome in Wylie! And we LOVE it! It is so roomy for us, we have three bedrooms, we hardly know what to do with all the room. We are going through all of our stuff, and we are finding things we haven't seen for two years (we were never able to completely unpack in Friona because our places were so tiny there, and we have been back in Dallas almost a year and our stuff has been in storage the entire time).

It is great to see all of our things, and the memories that go with them. Of course, memories are sometimes bittersweet, and I have missed Momma a lot. She was so generous during all the showers for our wedding, and so I have loved getting to see all of her gifts again.

My favorite is my tea pot. I have many memories of mom and I having tea whether is was to warm up on a chilly day, to soothe a sore throat, or to soothe a worn out spirit, a cup of hot tea was her answer. I miss those cups of hot tea, most of which were not even touched because of all the talking and giggling that accompanied them. I hope to make many memories with my tea pot. Hopefully with my friends and family like you guys. So, if you need to unwind, gab, or soothe your spirit, I know a good tea that will work wonders, come on over to my house!

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Davita said...

Yea!!! I love it when you blog!!!