Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Another one done!

Well, it was a long weekend in the world of deelicious cakes. I made a cake for a wedding, and then I did a cake for 400 for a wedding at a church. Unfortunately, I do not have pictures of my cake for the 400, but I do have my other cake. I made the pink flowers out of fondant, the leaves are real. Let me know what you think.

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Brandon said...

I think it looks awesome!

The Powell Family said...

Your cake looks great!! I'm glad you let me know you have a new page! Great!! You have done a fantastic job! I know you are glad to be doing this instead of your old job. You are a pro!!

Shannon said...

Beautiful cake! The basket weave probably took you FOREVER!!

I was contemplating the idea of making Mallory's cake for her birthday party in a couple of weeks, but just looking at the stuff in Hobby Lobby stressed me I ordered one from Sam's:)