Thursday, May 17, 2007

Tender memories

It has been about a year since I lost my grandfather. The Lord was so amazing though, and allowed me to see him one last time at my wedding. I miss him, and my other grandparents that went before him, but I am reminded to enjoy the time that I have with those that we love.

My grandfather was an amazing man, and left a sweet legacy behind him. I know my grandma misses him every minute of everyday, and I pray that the Lord provides her the comfort that she needs.

This is one of my favorite wedding day pictures. My eyes are welling up because I knew he was telling me good bye. He was so sweet to me that day. I am so very grateful he was there.

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Brandon said...

I'm so glad I got the chance to get to know him a bit and that he was there on our wedding day. Thank God for those times!

Rachel said...

I have a great picture of me and my PawPaw on my wedding day. He's crying. I haven't lost him yet, but have lost all 3 other grandparents...all by the time I was 10. PawPaw was so sad on my wedding day because he knew Granny would've been so excited to be there.

Tim Perkins said...

That is such a moving photo!

Shannon said...

That is a very sweet picture. It makes me tear up just looking at it!