Thursday, June 7, 2007

Chaos this weekend

Well, I had my first, and unfortunately probably not my last, cake disaster. I was so proud of myself Friday night, I had decorated the cake early and was just going to have to deliver it basically. I got to wedding site, and the cake fell apart. No lie, fell apart. It looked awful. Since I was so prepared, I hadn't brought extra icing, so I has nothing to cover it up with. The bride wanted her cake to be different, so she had wanted colored icing, so I had that with me. She also wasnted butterflies, so I had made a ton of them out of chocolate. Thank goodness. Well, when it was all over, this is what it looked like. Not great at all, but not a huge disaster. The bride didn't complain, and it tasted good. I went out and melted in the car, knowing that I still had 6 more cakes to do all weekend (3 bride and 3 groom).

I think that I learned a lot from this. I put way to much filling in the cakes, which caused them to slide. I also did not brace the cake since it was so small, but the braces would have held it together. Thanks to some left over flowers, and quick thinking mother- and sister-in-law, I think it was salvaged. What do you think?

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Becky said...

i'm a friend of brooke's and saw your post on her blog- i make cakes too! But, I don't do wedding cakes- and for this reason! It is too much stress. I wouldn't be able to handle it! You did a good job salvaging the cake. If you want any inspiration (for non-wedding cakes) check out my web page gallery of cakes I have done.