Thursday, June 7, 2007

The silver lining...

Ok, so you saw the awfulness from the last post, so I thought that I better tell you about the rest of the weekend. Saturday morning and night ended up being fabulous. The cakes looked great, well to me at least, and I delivered them early without any stress at all. Sunday went well too, but I do not have those pictures yet. Here is one of the weddings on Saturday. Brandon was sweet enough to come up and take pictures of all my cakes, even when he wasn't the photographer.

I did the flowers for the bride's cake all by myself, and I think that it looked fun. I know that I still have a lot to work on, but I am glad that it is getting easier, and less stressful. I have decided that I am better at the chocolate cakes. I think that it is because they look tasty, rather than beautiful, so it is easier to make that happen. I loved the mosaic chocolate, even if it did take me a long time.

So, would you hire me yet?

(The groom was a Nascar fan, and the "20" was for his favorite driver.)

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Tracey said...

Hey DeeDee! Your cakes are amazing!! I had no clue that you did that!! How cool!!