Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Just Checking In

OK, so I know that I have been the world's worst blogger, but we have had a lot going on. I am working on a blog to post on here soon, so please keep checking in on us!

I got to visit Grandma last weekend, and she is looking great! I know that she is still tired and worn out from her surgery, but she seems like she is doing so good. I am so grateful for all of the prayers that were sent out for her. I know that she felt them, and we felt them too!

This moving stuff is getting old. Brandon and I are so ready to get settled in our own place, but it looks like we are going to be spending a couple of months with my dad. He is doing well overall, but he hasn't been eating well. Brandon and I have decided that we want to stay there and help get him eating better and get through the anniversary of losing Momma (Oct 27th) all together as a family. Can you believe that it has almost been a year? We sure can't. We will surely take any prayers and encouragement through the next few weeks. I am feeling that this may be the hardest time we have had. I know that moving back (and soon moving in to their house)has made me face that she is really gone, and I am sure that the holidays will be a little harder this year since the shock has worn off and the rawness of her loss has set in.

Over all, we are doing great though, and I am still very very glad that we were able to move to Dallas, and we have been blessed richly lately.


Rachel said...

I want to see you, Deedee! Email me and let me know if sometime you and Brandon can come out and eat dinner with Joe and I! Our husbands need to meet!

Lauren said...

We will be thinking of y'all! Keeping you in our prayers!!!

Allison Connor said...

I will keep praying for you and your family. I am so glad you are happy and are able to be there to help your dad. Blessings to you!

Dana said...

You will be in our prayers!