Friday, November 28, 2008

Very Very Grateful

Thanksgiving this year was very good. It had a few rocky moments with family tension at the in-laws, but other than that, it was a great day. I did a lot of cooking and baking. I really enjoy cooking for people. There is still a hole were Momma would have been, especially when I made her famous frozen cranberry salad. My sweet in-laws invited Brady and Dad to come over so I did not have to choose where to be for the day. That made it a lot easier. It would still be really hard not to spend the day with my family, but luckily Brandon's family is kind enough to include everyone. Here are a few pictures from our day...

Brandon and Me

There is nothing cuter than two people still in love after being together 50 years.

The entire Juneau Fam! (my in laws) Getting this picture was a little stressful since some members of the family were fussy (not the two year old unbelievably) but I think that it came out great. We wanted to do this for Gama and Papa for Christmas.

My sweet boys. It is hard to call this a family photo without Momma in it. This was probably the hardest moment of the day to take a picture together. I am glad we did though, I am very grateful for all of the wonderful men in my life.

Gama and Papa and their Grandkids, Brandon's sister Stephanie and her husband, Chris, and Brandon and I

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Brooke said...

Hi Dee. We're not having bookclub tonight due to the weather. If you get this on Monday, can you call me at 214-212-7561?