Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Hello 2nd Trimester!

Woo Hoo! We made it to the second trimester! I am 16 weeks along, and this little one is starting to show a little. It is so fun! I still have trouble believing that it is real. We have waited so long for this miracle, it is surreal that it has actually happened. We went to the doctor(s) last week and everything is looking good. It was much easier to find "Tator Tot" at this visit. We may or may not have nicknamed the baby Tator Tot due to my intense craving for tator tots and ketchup for almost a month, and I don't normally like ketchup! That craving is gone, so I am waiting to see what is next.

We will have our big 20 week sonogram on the 25th, our 5 year anniversary! What a special gift for us to celebrate! We can't wait.

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Jennifer said...

Yay! We have our 16 week on the 10th, our 4 year anniversary. We should find out that day if it's a boy or a girl!