Thursday, March 10, 2011

Take that Gestational Diabetes!

I just got of the phone with my Endocrinologist and I got some great news. I have lowered my A1c number (the number by which they determine if you have or are at risk for diabetes) almost completely out of the range for even "at risk" for diabetes. I do believe that she called me a rock star! I am still only having to take one shot a day at night, my diet is controlling the day numbers adequately. Hallelujah! What good news as we get closer and closer to this little one being at viability (+/- 25 weeks). The larger the baby grows, the harder my body will have to work, so it is very encouraging that my numbers are getting better now while the baby is growing larger.

On another note, we are two weeks away from knowing if this cute little Tator Tot is a girl or a boy. I have dreamed both, so I am no help! I will be happy either way, I just want a healthy happy little one! That doesn't mean I am having an easy time waiting to find out! I want to be able to call this little one by name! And I admit, I really want to get started on the nursery. It is so hard waiting to buy anything!

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